Every Dog has his day

Dog NappingWell, it is only my second day here, and I already feel so much at home.  I have some toys to play with (and sleep with).  As you can see, I have a nice comfy bed, and after all the excitement and walks, I needed a nap.  I slept with my favorite toy.

I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable in my crate too.  At first, I was scared… this is a new place, and I didn’t know what was going on, or if anybody would even be coming back.  My foster mom sat with me for a while at first, then told me they’d be back.  I cried a bit at first, but then settled down.  True to their word, they were back in just over an hour.  Now when they go out, I don’t get scared or cry, I just take a toy and go into my crate cuz I know they’ll be back to see me soon.

Ozzie and his toy gooseHere I am heading to my crate with my newest toy… a Canada Goose.  My foster parents got me this because they are Canadians.  I like the sound it makes when I squeeze it… sounds like a honk.

All of the cats have gotten more comfortable around me.  None of them hiss or anything anymore when I’m around.  I still make sure to be careful around them though.  I just finished watching a show about cats on TV with my foster parents (Must Love Cats), it was really good.  Afterwards, I got to go out for another walk.  I made sure to do some yoga first to stretch.  This pose is called ‘down dog’, I think you can see why.  Anyway, time to go and eat!  Talk to you later.

Down Dog


About ozziedoggy

Hi, I am about 3 years old and have recently retired from racing (I was a racing greyhound after all). I'm friendly, love people, and I'm a little shy around cats (I love them - but they are a little scary). I'm living with my foster parents and 5 cats right now.
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