Bath Night

So tonight we took Ozzie down to Larry’s Laundromutt in Sewickley for a bath.  The Laundromutt is located on Ohio River Blvd next to the Eat and Park.

Ozzie was very good in the car on the short drive to Sewickley.  He laid down on the back seat once we got moving and didn’t seem at all anxious or nervous.

Once inside the Laundromutt, the first thing we did was put Ozzie on the scale – he weighed in an at whopping 81.6 pounds!  Wow – he’s a big boy!

Next, off to the wash tub.  Like many dogs, Ozzie got a bit pathetic when we lathered him up.  He was very good though and stood patiently while he was washed, rinsed, and toweled down.  We weren’t quite sure how he would react to the blow dryer which was very loud.

Is it almost over?

He took it all in stride though, gazing at us with his trusting brown eyes.

Larrys Laundromutt isn’t just a dog wash.  They sell supplies, treats, and all kinds of other things dogs love.  After the bath Ozzie got to wander around the store and check out (sniff) the goodies there.  The people who run the Laundromutt really care about animals.  They hold regular fundraisers for the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and do their part to help animals in need.

And here’s a final shot of Big Ozzie, post bath, all gorgeous and clean (and sweet smelling).  We bundled him back in the car and headed home where he immediately conked out on his bed after his big night out.

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