More About Ozzie

Ozzie has been with us for a week now and as he settles in his personality is really starting to emerge.  I have to say a word about how calm he is.  Inherent in his nature is a calm gentleness that shines through in everything he does.  As he encounters new sights, sounds and situations, he is never fearful or anxious – instead he exhibits an eager curiosity tempered by a bit of cautiousness.

Here is is giving the electrical outlet at the front door a close inspection.  “What is this?” he seems to be thinking.  On several occasions I have found him in the laundry  room watching the clothes in the washer go round and round with a curious expression on his handsome face.

He enjoys observing things around him in a calm yet alert way.


The calm Ozzie also has a playful side that comes out.  He loves to grab his stuffies, throw them in the air, catch them and then run with them to his bed.

He plays happily and his sense of fun in highly contagious!  We can feel the smiles on our faces watching him. 

In spite of his exuberance he mouths the toys gently, almost lovingly, and doesn’t tear them or destroy them.

I’m also happy to report he’s getting along very well with the cats.  He likes to watch them and he’s good at judging when the right time is to make friendly, yet gentle, overtures toward them.

I snapped this shot right after he and Pepper had an affectionate nose to nose greeting – wasn’t quite quick enough, darn!

This morning we had an excursion to the Robinson Petco.  It was busy; big dogs, little dogs, kids and lots of noise.  Ozzie greeted everyone (human and canine) with tail wagging enthusiasm.  He became great friends with a tiny French bulldog in the checkout line.  It was interesting to watch them together; physically opposite in so many ways.  Here is Big Oz having a rest after his morning out.

“To live among greyhounds is to live with beauty.  There’s no escaping it” -Alice Sebold

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