Random Ozzie

Here are some shots I have taken over the last few days.  Here is Oz hanging out in the kitchen with us.  He’s very good around ‘human’ food now, and knows he’s not to reach his long muzzle up to the counter tops.  He still occasionally snuffles around in the dishwasher if it’s opened and the other day he gently seized a wooden spoon by the handle and trotted off with it to his bed. As usual, he relinquished his ‘contraband’ happily and with good humor!

Here is he gazing out the window at our neighbor’s two miniature dachshunds.  He hasn’t met them yet but seems to really enjoy watching their antics from the window.  Initially Oz seemed a little timid when he encountered small, yapping dogs.  Now that’s he’s more accustomed to seeing them around the neighborhood, he’s more likely to gaze at them with thoughtful contemplation and will approach them if I ask him to.

Ozzie’s relationship with the cats continues to be 100% positive.  Cinder (orange kitty) in particular, likes to inspect him while he sleeps.  He takes it all in stride and doesn’t even startle if a cat’s inquisitive nose wakes him from a deep sleep.

We feed our cats 3 times a day and it was easy to train Ozzie that he must stay out of the kitchen during the feline feeding frenzy.  I give him the command ‘outta here’ and a wave, and off he trots to the living room to wait patiently.  I wish it was as easy to train the cats to stay away from HIS food.  On several occasions when I have fed Ozzie and turned my back for a few moments, I have returned to find him standing politely by his bowl, watching a cat happily consuming his food.   This gentle guy doesn’t have a confrontational bone in his body.

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