Ozzie goes home.

We got some very exciting news this week.   Ozzie is being adopted and yesterday he moved to his new permanent home!   His new home is everything we could wish for and more.  For one thing, he’s going to have a fenced back yard to play in – something I know he will really enjoy.  His new family loves dogs and greyhounds in particular – and they will be spending lots of time with him.  Lastly – he’s going to have a brother in his new home, and even better, that brother is another greyhound!  Given how social he is, we’re overjoyed that he’s going to live side by side with another dog.  It couldn’t be better. He’s going to have a new name to go along with his new life – Ozzie has become Brendan!   Here’s a picture of the big guy relaxing with his new brother.  What a handsome pair.  We will miss Brendan and his endearing ways but we know he is going to be cared for lovingly by his new family.

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