Every Dog has his day

Dog NappingWell, it is only my second day here, and I already feel so much at home.  I have some toys to play with (and sleep with).  As you can see, I have a nice comfy bed, and after all the excitement and walks, I needed a nap.  I slept with my favorite toy.

I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable in my crate too.  At first, I was scared… this is a new place, and I didn’t know what was going on, or if anybody would even be coming back.  My foster mom sat with me for a while at first, then told me they’d be back.  I cried a bit at first, but then settled down.  True to their word, they were back in just over an hour.  Now when they go out, I don’t get scared or cry, I just take a toy and go into my crate cuz I know they’ll be back to see me soon.

Ozzie and his toy gooseHere I am heading to my crate with my newest toy… a Canada Goose.  My foster parents got me this because they are Canadians.  I like the sound it makes when I squeeze it… sounds like a honk.

All of the cats have gotten more comfortable around me.  None of them hiss or anything anymore when I’m around.  I still make sure to be careful around them though.  I just finished watching a show about cats on TV with my foster parents (Must Love Cats), it was really good.  Afterwards, I got to go out for another walk.  I made sure to do some yoga first to stretch.  This pose is called ‘down dog’, I think you can see why.  Anyway, time to go and eat!  Talk to you later.

Down Dog

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My new foster home

Ozzie Doggy

Hi everybody.  I’m not sure if my foster mom introduced me or not, so allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ozzie, and I’m about 3 years old and I’m a retired racing greyhound.  I was pretty fast in my day (if I do say so myself), but now I enjoy relaxing with people and going for walks.

I got to my new home yesterday, and I’ve been so busy with meeting my foster parents, and my 5 foster cats.  I really like my new foster parents, they are so nice to me.  They take me for a lot of walks, and got me a great new bed.  My foster dad sometimes calls me ‘Wiz’ – he said it is something to do with a movie about a wizard that has some relation to my name, and has nothing to do with peeing.

The cats are great.  I was quite nervous about them at first, I wanted to make a good impression on them so they would see that I like cats.


The orange cat is a great teacher.  He taught me to respect a cat’s space, and that if I get close when I’m not wanted, that it can result in a smack and a hiss.  He is friendly though, I know now that I have to let him come to me.  He likes to sniff my feet after I come in from a walk.

PrettyFriendThe brown tabby cat is my favorite.  She is very pretty, and really seems to like me.  The very first time I met her, she gave a little hiss, but since then, she has been visiting me a lot.  She will come right up to me and sniff me.  I even got a kiss from her.

She likes to sit next to me and watch when I sleep (my foster parents told me that… I wouldn’t know otherwise).

TheWatchersTwo of the other cats just like to watch me.  They aren’t scared of me or anything, but they like to watch from higher up places to see what I’m up to.  I will get them all to love me soon, I just know it.  The fifth cat just stays out of sight.  I’ve seen him (sometimes) jump up on the kitchen counter.  He’s not really allowed up there, but he doesn’t seem to know that.  My foster dad says he thinks the cat has Alzheimer’s (I don’t even know what that means) since he constantly forgets that he isn’t allowed up there.

Anyway, I know this was a lot of babbling, but I’ve just had so much happen in the last day that I had to get it all out.  I’m planning on doing a lot of sleeping today, and I hear that I’ll be going on a few more walks.  I’ll try not to talk to much in the future, but I’m so happy right now, and one day I’ll have a forever home (my foster parents said so!).  Until then, I’ll just try my hardest to be a good dog.

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Ozzie arrives!

So yesterday was a big day at our house as we welcomed Ozzie to stay with us for awhile.  Ozzie is a beautiful black greyhound who retired from the racetrack on Wheeling Island and is now ready to be a loving companion to some lucky human(s).  He currently belongs to Greys Landing Greyhound Placement.

Ozzie has been used to living in a kennel with other greyhounds up until now, so life in a home must seem a little strange to him.  So far he is doing very well.  He is respectful of the 5 cats that live here and gently wags his tail when they approach.

He has many endearing qualities but the one that stands out the most is how affectionate he is.  He loves to nuzzle up against his humans and he is a big tail wagger.  It’s already easy to see he’s going to make a wonderful companion for some lucky person or family.

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